Thriving with a Chronic Condition

You have a chronic diagnosis, but you’re not “sick”. You just have to live by different rules. Chronic Cow™ shows you those rules — backed by real science and hard experience living with, and caring for, chronic illnesses. We don’t just know how to live better (based on decades of science and rigorous analysis), we understand the challenges you face (because we live them to). Living with a chronic illness can become grim, but you can still lead a joyous, meaningful, productive life.

Our goal is simple: to help you improve your quality of life when touched by the challenges of chronic illness. It may seem hard to believe, but more challenges are shared across the experiences of different chronic conditions than are different. Chronic Cow has been developed to give you the perspective and tools to triumph over those challenges. What will you learn in this seminar?

The Right Identity: living with chronic illness can warp how you see yourself and wear you out. You need to be more than just “sick.” You can’t allow yourself to become victimized or feel helpless and worthless. You are still “you,” and we’ll show you how to find yourself again.

The Right Mindset: You can’t live all your life in a “fight” against a “monster.” A fight is driven by fear, aggression, or other negative emotions. It triggers all the wrong responses in our bodies, brains, minds, and relationships. We show you how to recognize these responses and put them in their place.

The 10 Challenges of Living with Chronic Conditions: the day-to-day challenges of living with chronic illness go well beyond its medical symptoms. You have to monitor and manage your condition. You have to modify your behaviors to accommodate your needs. And there are 8 more mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges, as well. We introduce each of them and get you going in the right direction to minimize their negative effects.

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And, of course, we provide lots of practical tips to put your knowledge into action improving your quality of life. Sign up for a Chronic Cow™ Seminar or Webinar; or for a personalized Chronic Cow™ Guidance subscription and begin your better life now.