Newly Diagnosed

You’ve just gotten a chronic diagnosis and you are (on the inside) a raging storm of confusion and emotions. You’re pretty certain that your life is over. Really, you just have to live by different rules. Chronic Cow shows you those rules — backed by real science and hard experience living with, and caring for, chronic illnesses. We don’t just know how to live better (based on decades of science and rigorous analysis), we understand the challenges you face (because we live them to). Living with a chronic illness can become grim, but you can still lead a joyous, meaningful, productive life.

Our goal is simple: to help you improve your quality of life when touched by the challenges of chronic illness. It may seem hard to believe, but more challenges are shared across the experiences of different chronic conditions than are different. Chronic Cow™ has been developed to give you the perspective and tools to triumph over those challenges. What will you learn in this seminar?

Navigating Your First Response: You are probably shocked, fearful, angry, overwhelmed, or in denial. These are natural responses. We show you how to substitute positive alternatives. We also show you how to recognize the 4 Pathways of Distress: unrelenting or unpredictable pain, frustration, fear, fatigue. These accompany most chronic conditions, and we show you how to address them.

Becoming an Empowered Healthcare Partner: You are the last word on your treatments, but that means you have to become educated and responsible. Your health depends on it. You’ve also got to develop the strength to become your own best advocate. We show you how to develop the necessary mental strength and resilience, recognize cognitive biases, and critically consume the right information sources.

Monitoring & Managing Yourself: You must become attuned to the medical, emotional, and behavioral consequences of your condition. We teach you how make reliable observations, and share them with those who need to know. And we integrate a range of tools (from mindfulness to the scientific method) to integrate these processes seamlessly into your lives without too much fuss.

Behavioral Replacement: Most chronic conditions require us to change how we live. This can be really hard. But it’s necessary for medical adherence, effective observation, and managing a successful life under your new constraints. We introduce some key techniques from attitude and identity change, behavioral conditioning, reinforcement, motivation, framing, association, learning, and lowering task burden. Your life may be different, but it can still be a good one you want to live.

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And, of course, we provide lots of practical tips to put your knowledge into action improving your quality of life. Sign up for a Chronic Cow™ Seminar or Webinar; or for a personalized Chronic Cow™ Guidance subscription and begin your better life now.