Group Guidance Subscription (online, three months)


Three months of online guidance sessions. Attend as many as you want.

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A blend of education, coaching, problem-solving, and support led by a Chronic Cow™ Certified Guide and delivered electronically for your convenience in small group sessions.  Each 50 minute group session, delivered as a videoconference, provides an in-depth discussion of a highlighted topic that is directly useful for improving your quality of life. We then interactively explore practical solutions for specific challenges facing the participants. Together, we help one another draw from a deep well of science and experience. We provide support and encouragement. And we help each other see better solutions for our most pressing life issues with our chronic conditions.

Three months with at least four sessions each week to choose from. Attend as many as you want. Plus other, useful goodies: print, video, and assessment tools designed to improve your quality of life.

[Before you attend your first session, we will have a 15-20 minute evaluation call where we learn more about you and decide whether you’re a good fit for the program.]


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