Medical & Therapeutic Professionals

Our medical system (and most medical and therapeutic professional training) is built on the acute care model. But to treat us successfully, you have to operate by different rules. Chronic Cow shows you those rules — backed by real science and hard experience living with, and caring for, chronic illnesses. We show you how to perform your job better (based on decades of science and rigorous analysis). Living with a chronic illness can become grim, but you can still support us in joyous, meaningful, productive lives — while feeling better about what you can do.

Our goal is simple: to help you improve your quality of care when touched by the challenges of chronic illness. It may seem hard to believe, but more challenges are shared across chronic conditions than are different. Chronic Cow™ has been developed to give you the perspective and tools to triumph over the challenges of treating those with chronic conditions. What will you learn in this seminar?

The Medical Model & its Alternatives: The implicit “acute care” model underlying our system fails those with chronic illness (many of whom have more than one chronic diagnosis). Even your professional socialization works against the ongoing relationships successful chronic care demands. Chronic Cow™ supports a “Life Care” model, where medical care is integrated into our larger institutional, social, and cultural environment and the targeted outcome isn’t only medical health, but quality of life experience.

Advocating for Institutional Change: On the one hand, healthcare professionals are often frustrated by patients lacking in medical adherence, while on the other, by a system that is complicated, confusing, and unresponsive. But you are the lynchpin for improving the system. We’ll show you how.

The Chronic Perspective & Needs: Medical professionals are the face of the entire healthcare system for your chronic patients and their families. They often look to you for answers for which you weren’t trained. We help you understand what it’s like to live with a chronic condition — our challenges are far greater than our diagnosis and its direct symptoms. And we show you how to better give us what we need.

Self Care: Caring for chronic patients can be draining. We present unique challenges: with us, there is probably no “happy ending” of being “cured” and returning to “normal” life. We give you the cognitive and emotional tools to cope better. We also present the extremes in your patients: some are highly educated in our diagnoses and up on the cutting edge research, while others are frustrating and willfully avoidant. We show you how to successfully interact with both types.

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And, of course, we provide lots of practical tips to put your knowledge into action improving your quality of care. Sign up for a Chronic Cow™ Seminar or Webinar; or for a personalized Chronic Cow™ Guidance subscription and begin your better professional life now.