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Targeted Programs

Live Well Package

You have a specific life challenge you need to fix — fast. You need personal attention and an individualized plan

  • we conduct a personal session
  • you complete a survey-style assessment
  • we process your results
  • we present you with the specific strategies research and experience indicate most likely to get you to your goal.
  • we conduct a followup session together
  • your Guide is available for support

Common goals include:

  • improving your outlook
  • reconnecting in a relationship
  • changing habits
  • finding better ways to function
  • reducing pain or stress
  • sleeping or eating better
  • or ask and we’ve probably handled it.

Packages are $299 for two individual meetings, the assessment, and your report with an action and monitoring plan. Email now to schedule a free diagnostic session with a Chronic Cow™ Certified Guide to find out if this is right for you and get our special introductory offer!

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