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Dr Kevin J Payne

Kevin has lived with multiple sclerosis for many years. He’s successfully dealt with other chronic conditions, too. And he’s spent much of his life as a caregiver for loved ones also challenged with chronic conditions.

He holds a doctorate in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Missouri at Columbia, was a professor for 15 years, and has studied how people operate best under distress and disadvantage since the 90s.

His diagnosis with multiple sclerosis set off a series of events that radically altered the course of his life and his career.  First, he thought that, as a social psychologist who’s studied how people succeed or fail in difficult circumstances, there had to be something he could do to apply those research insights to improving his own quality of life.

Then he expanded his study across thousands of studies on dozens of conditions.  He talked with everyone he could who lived with chronic conditions and their caregivers. And he found a different way of building a good life when touched by chronic illness — one backed by science and experience.  He found there are simply different rules to living a good life with chronic illness.

He had, without realizing it, stumbled on much more than a shift in career: it was a calling.  Chronic Cow™ is a labor of love.  (Find out more about Dr. Payne.)

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