Healthcare & Support Organizations


Chronic Cow™ offers three kinds of service for Healthcare & Support organizations: educational workshops, flexible Guidance subscriptions, and organizational evaluations.

Education: There are four basic workshops targeted to key groups.

  • Those living with a chronic condition
  • Those newly diagnosed with a chronic condition
  • Their loved ones & caregivers
  • Medical & therapeutic professionals

There are also two (1-hour) introductory presentations.

The Good Life with a Chronic Cow.” An overview of how to think, act, and plan your life with a chronic condition — as well as dealing with pain, frustration, fear, fatigue, and distress that accompanies living and with, and caring for, chronic illness.

The Tale of the Chronic Cow.” The true story of life with multiple sclerosis, cancer, and the struggles to build a meaningful life in the face of those challenges. You’ll leave inspired, entertained, and with some new ideas for improving your quality of life.

Guidance: monthly guidance subscriptions (for patients, family, or staff) are available at institutional pricing. You pay on a “seat usage” basis and can assign use of those seats at your need. Guidance sessions are led by Certified Chronic Cow™ Guides and are part education, coaching, and support.

Organizational Evaluation. We’ll perform a rigorous evaluation research project on your organization or a specific program. You’ll receive detailed strategies (backed by the latest social, behavioral, and medical science) to improve the quality of your services for chronic patients and their families.

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