We face many of the same problems, but we need individualized solutions sensitive to our personal characteristics, condition, relationships, and environment.

We have many of the same goals: to live happy, meaningful, and secure lives, but we express those goals in different ways.

There are thousands of strategies to improve our lives. Most of them will work for someone, but only some of them will work for you.

Designing your life to live well in the face of significant health challenges should be based on science and experience.

That’s what we’ve done. We’ve built our solutions on millions of data points and thousands of studies. Our system analyzes you and recommends the tools that will increase your chances of efficiently attaining the life you need.

Chronic Cow™ blends the high tech science of a quality life with the high touch delivery of trained Guides who live the same challenges as you. That’s how we get you to your life, lived well.