Welcome to Chronic Cow

Half of all Americans, like those of us at Chronic Cow™, live with a chronic health condition. It changes the life rules for us and the people who love us. But no one really explains how. .

Chronic Cow™ shows people how to live better — even when touched by chronic illness — and we have the tools to match your  individual needs to improve your quality of life or help you successfully change your outlook and behaviors.

Yes, we know “Chronic Cow” is a silly name for serious tools. But a good life begins with a good mindset. Your condition isn’t a monster. Fighting a monster for the rest of your life is exhausting. But you can handle a cow.  So let me introduce you to Bossie™

Bossie understands what you’re dealing with, and she wants to gently take you through the Chronic Cow process to help you find the tools you need to live better. She will help point in the right direction.  Simply, she is your friend.

Start by watching this short video about from our founder, Dr. Kevin J. Payne. See how there’s a lot more going on than a medical diagnosis, and there are many, surprising things you can do to improve your life and relationships. Then get ready to improve your life through the tools provided at Chronic Cow™.